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About Us

A+ Gateway is a team of highly educated professionals, assessment developers, and teachers. We strongly believe that through structured learning people can improve their lives and make incredible contributions to the world. We believe that by designing an assessment process with insight from industry leaders, and an uncompromising commitment; we can advance equity while promoting education and improve the life of workplace communities so that they will be able to make well-versed decisions about other people and programs.

Our Mission

We are passionate about our mission as it helps us to advance quality and equity in education by providing effective assessments, research, coaching and related services. A+ gateway services measure skills & knowledge, promote education, learning, performance, and professional development worldwide for people of all walks. We strongly believe in the power of learning and strive to provide innovative and meaningful solutions that improve learning and expand personal opportunities for real people.

Our Team

Collaborative working style highlights our teamwork, trust, and acceptance in the business world. People tell us that we have a humble and down to earth approach towards our work and customers. Our people are results driven, who care a lot about their clients, relationships, and working with our customers as a one team approach.
Our great team is a primary reason that our clients would recommend us to their friends and people they would like to see successful. We balance the challenging and co-creating with our valued customers while preparing them to create their internal capabilities which are vital for them to create repeatable results. 

Our Leadeship

Our leaders believe in advancing equity and quality in education through the development of services which are designed to help teachers teach, students learn, and business leaders measure the intellectual progress of their team members.


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Surrey, BC
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Phone: +1 (604) 588 1810 
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