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It is your gateway to better opportunities. When you master English, you can achieve more. 
Whould you like to study at an university abroad? Would you like to travel or move oversees? We are here to help you.
Enjoy the convenience of getting lessons over internet whenever and wherever it is best for you. We are flexible with timing, packages and will suit your learning needs.

Welcome to learning English! If you want to learn English in an organized way, you have come to the right learning place.
We have certified, and well-experienced teachers for one to one sessions as well as they will help you in building your vocabulary, grammar and speaking.
Please take some time to explore A+Gateway website. Review different tabs at the top of the page according to your needs so that you can go to the appropriate section.

A few recommendations in order to make your learning English plan:
• Please spend some time to explore our website in order to understand your level and develop the plan of action. You can also consult us free in order to help you to develop a learning plan which suits your needs.

• The general recommendation is that to start and build a plan which is not too high to achieve. We can help you while working closely with you and develop a course of action which truly translates your level and needs.

• Please build your own vocabulary notebook as you work and get one to one lessons.

• Please find time to practice English during your regular day.

• In order to learn meanings; please use the Oxford Dictionary to look up phrases, words, and spellings you want to learn.  

Contact us for a free consultation session. 

No, you don’t have to, that’s where A+gateway will come and help you. We will start the lessons with basic survival English. It will help you to communicate with your teachers, understand your lessons, homework and how to improve.

After getting the initial lessons; the most important thing you can do is to speak Basic English as often as possible. You will get a lot of opportunities while living your daily life. For example, at the market, travelling on the metro/bus, playing sports or simply hanging out with your friends. Also, you can speak English to yourself while you are at home. You can cover the normal daily activities, repeat your lessons as it will help you with your fluency and make you more confident.

In order to improve your vocabulary; it is important to listen and read. The more you read, the more you improve your vocabulary. It basically works as storage. In order to store you need new words and phrases in context on a daily basis. First, you have to find them, write it down, review it again and again in order to store in your memory. We also recommend that you start your own personal vocabulary book. Organise it by topics, for example, sports, work, shopping, finance, etc. and keep adding new words and phrases to it as you listen or read in English.

Coaching provides guidance and develops the skills which are crucial to meet the challenges in order to grow and perform as you would like in your business and within your personal life. It will also assist in promoting self-development and self-reliance for your team.

Coaching will help guide you and teach you the skills to make the right decisions at the right time. It has a defined process and methodology, with business goals, company mission, and key deliverables. Your team will learn all these skills while performing the actual work and assignments which are needed to grasp the concepts and skills during the coaching sessions. 

We fully understand as everyone has questions. The best thing to do is to approach us so that we can understand your questions/concerns and provide you the right answers. Once we receive your inquiry one of our teachers will contact you for an initial discussion. We believe this is the finest way to understand the needs and key requirements of our valued customers and address them accordingly.
Once we receive your inquiry one of our teachers will reach out to you and will set-up a free consultation session.  

A+gateway researchers develop the complete English learning material for all levels after doing intensive market, research, and working with real students while understanding their needs. We have quite a range of material and books to help and teach you which will be provided to you for free before your each and every lesson.

Yes, we can and will. We have certified teachers on our staff who prepared hundreds of students so far for their TOFEL/IELTS exams successfully, and all of our students ace these exams. Thanks to our dedicated teachers and operational team. 

Yes, we teach both young kids and high school students. We believe strongly in building a strong, educated community which will play a crucial rule in the sustainability and globalization of our world while improving their own lives first. 


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